Opening the Enclosures of Academia

Feminism School exists to change the cultural narratives on gender. Rooted in academic rigor, we guide contemplative practices to fuel inner reflection and creative synthesis.

Participants study from the vault of Feminism School courses—81 concentrated lectures in gender studies and ethnic studies scholarship—while receiving ongoing Mentorship Sessions. As they engage Ph.D.-level learning, their experiences in The Mentor-Scholar Program enrich their own feminist, anti-racist, and decolonial leadership. They also have Dr. George to support their next creative projects and vocational goals.

The Mentor-Scholar Program can be done as a 1:1 program or in a small group, which we call our "doula cohorts"— where collectively we birth feminist study and new creative visions.

The Mentor-Scholar Program Exists to:

  • Train cultural leaders in graduate-level lineages of scholarship including Black feminist studies, queer of color critique, Indigenous feminism, transnational and postcolonial feminism, and coalition building histories between white women and women of color.

  • Support cultural leaders in a dynamic process of finding their voice. In coming home to a fuller sense of who they are, a richly feminist creative process emerges that integrates identity, lived knowledge, and intellectual, spiritual, and vocational awakenings.

  • Co-birth collaborative transformations with Feminism School mentees in diverse areas of influence—including sports, art, education, religion and spirituality, activism, film, media, business, and other power centers of cultural change.

Three Different Concentrations

2022 Mentor-Scholar Offerings

  • The Emotional Self-Defense Mentor-Scholar Program

    This 6-9 month mentorship gives you support for the The Emotional Self-Defense Course—a graduate level learning experience for women and nonbinary folks who want access to an intensive feminist study of how to name the systems shaping their lives.

  • Intersections of Identity Mentor-Scholar Program

    This 6-9 month mentorship gives you a rigorous intersectional introduction to several vibrant lineages of feminist study, all while supporting spiritual, ancestral, and creative reflection on the many forces that shape our sense of identity.

  • Trauma Theory, Social Theory, & Spirituality

    This 6-9 month mentorship gives you frameworks for trauma studies grounded in decolonial, critical race, anti-imperial, and feminist models of understanding power, suffering, trauma, and collective healing.

The Vision

Why bridge academic feminism, contemplative learning, and creative-cultural production?

The Mentor-Scholar Program is for leaders who are catalyzing collective change in gender and racial justice.

We are amidst a sea change in consciousness—with feminist activism igniting change in Hollywood, politics, and sports. Still, we have yet to create the new representations that will guide our collective consciousness into a world that has been "de-patriarchied" and dismantled of white supremacy.

Most people working for change, who hold positions of cultural influence, did not receive any formal training in intersectional feminist study. The Mentor-Scholar Program is for those who want the intellectual rigor and personal discovery of a gender studies graduate program (infused with critical race theory, queer theory, postcolonial theory, and questions of the spiritual). We do the work outside traditional academia—in vibrant collaboration of new cultural visions.

The Mentor-Scholar Program Resources

  • Ph.D.-Level Learning Materials Translated Outside Academia

    Access our entire vault of self-study courses—81 total lectures to help you have a deep intellectual scaffolding in feminist scholarship, with particular attention to race, gender, religion, and colonialism.

  • 1:1 Mentorship Sessions OR Small Group Doula Cohorts

    Private or small group sessions with Dr. George to work though the transformative learning at all levels—intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and professionally.

  • Customized Reading Lists and Research Support

    When you are one of our select participants in The Mentor-Scholar Program, Dr. George designs reading lists and research trajectories that match your personal and professional goals.

Additional Support: Writing Doula Services

Paired with  scholarly training in diverse lineages of feminist studies, some mentees elect to use The Scholar-Mentor Program to have Dr. George advise their writing projects—from a memoir, to a creative non fiction book, to a dissertation.

Dr. George's academic research includes studying the historical traditions of feminist writing methods, trauma theory, and creativity. As a writing doula for 20 years, she has developed unique, research-backed contemplative writing practices that help clients get to the heart of their voice and the stories they most want to tell. Additionally, the centering of feminist theory in the program—from Black feminist studies to transnational feminist history— is an ideal intellectual journey for midwifing the naming  of lived experiences amidst intersecting systems of gender, race, sexuality, disability, class, and colonialism.

The Mentor-Scholar Program Core Beliefs

  • Feminist foremothers birthed—at great cost—revolutionary knowledge. Their work is still silenced in education. Rooting in their intellectual and creative legacies will give us what we need to change the world for our generation and 7 generations to come.

  • Personal change is part of collective change—and collective change catalyzes individuals to make tremendous leaps in consciousness. But we need the leaders who can do the inner work—including the intellectual and spiritual work—to lead the large-scale transformations in a society.

  • Feminism frees our creativity. When we have knowledge of how systems and structures have been historically made, we can unmake oppression. We unmake oppression through the stories, narratives, and images that re-shape culture. The call of the feminist leader is to help people reimagine the world.


  • How long is The Mentor-Scholar Program?

    The duration varies according to goals and level of training desired. Participants have trained in the program for up to 3 years; 6-9 months is the minimum commitment.

  • How much does this specialized program cost in tuition?

    Tuition varies based on the scope of the work, the duration, the specific outcome goals, and the industry the mentee is seeking to make change in. That said, typically tuition for 6-months of the Mentor-Scholar Program is in the 4 and 5 figures.

  • Can I do this program with a close friend or colleague?

    Yes!—but it is best done in our Doula Cohorts, which are groups of 2-3 mentees. Contact us for more information or be on the newsletter to hear our announcements of openings.

  • I am very successful in my industry but have not been in school in some time. How do I know if I am a good fit for doing feminist scholarship?

    You are a good fit if you feel within yourself intellectual and creative hunger! If there is a part of you that sometimes thinks..."What would happen if I took a year off to do a Gender Studies degree?" are likely a good candidate! If you have considerable influence but also need to re-find your sense of purpose, creative power, and spiritual depth beyond traditional capitalist success, this Mentorship honors the full person.

  • I was diagnosed with a learning disability. Can I do this program?

    The heart of feminist intellectual history, in our framing of the legacy, is trusting and honoring alternative forms of knowledge and learning. The ways our dominant culture conceives of learning disabilities is usually through a framework that keeps in place hierarchies around learning styles. These hierarchies are laced in patriarchy, white supremacy, settler colonialism, and neurotypical supremacy. A learning disability is most likely your superpower—once you unlock its power. Feminist learning is very good for this process of unlocking alternative ways to learn and create knowledge. In fact, we think that very process is what fuels the most creative, sustaining forms of cultural transformation.

  • I have spent the last 20 years raising my children and am now in a liminal space of transformation around next steps. Is this a program for me?

    We have seen again and again that women birth some of their most powerful work in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond. This is because they bring a depth of life experience and wisdom into the study of feminist scholarship. We also know that, in large part due to patriarchy, many women do not have the chance to nurture their intellectual goals until after they have done the reproductive and domestic labor of raising kids. We would be honored to help you birth your next set of dreams, and we honor the feminist knowledge already within you and the labor you have done raising the next generation!

  • I am a cis man. Can I do this program?

    Yes, we offer The Mentor-Scholar Program to cis men, too. It is very important to us to support men learning feminism.

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