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Why Feminism School was Founded


What has been your training to teach across so many fields of research?

I trained in 5 graduate programs and in 4 fields: counseling psychology, religious history, gender studies, and ethnic studies. 

Through intensive study and 2 decades of teaching, I developed a uniquely rigorous body of knowledge that I offer through Feminism School. 

Among my degrees, I hold a Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies from UC San Diego and an M.A. in Religion from Yale University, where I was a merit scholar and postgraduate fellow in Gender Equity and Policy.

Where do you reside?

NYC, a place I dearly love. But I am also bi-coastal at heart with west coast commitments.

Why are your motivations for the work that you do as a feminist scholar?

I am a mystic and an empath with a soul need for intellectual rigor and creative expression. 

I sense the world's possibilities for healing in my body—and I believe centering the writings of feminist history propels us into imagining and creating a better present and future. 

We have a deep wellspring of resources for transformation that the forces of patriarchy and white supremacy wish to keep hidden from us. 

I wish to help unleash these suppressed knowledges into the world!

What are your books and writing projects? 

My first academic book, Football, Culture, and Power, was on football and social theory. My next academic book is on feminist pedagogy and contemplative writing practices. 

I also have a book of speculative fiction meets feminist spiritual memoir underway.

Read more at my personal website.

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