A Note from the Founder, Dr. Kimberly George

Welcome to Feminism School! I've spent the past 20 years researching, teaching, and seeking to live the remarkable knowledge that has been passed down to us in the texts of feminist foremothers.

Our world needs great healing: the dismantling of white supremacy, the flourishing of all genders into feminist consciousness, and a deep reckoning with Indigenous rights and decolonization. Feminist studies includes the intersections of all these pressing concerns.

I hope the courses I offer support ripples of transformation. I hope you find a learning process within my teachings and my collaborations with other artists, scholars, spiritual leaders, and activists that empowers the fullness of your own voice as we come together to create personal and collective change.

What is unique about these courses?

  • Feminism School gives more people access to the revolutionary ideas of feminist history.

  • Feminism School will help you re-think education itself and catalyze new frameworks for learning and social change.

  • Feminism School reconnects the mind and body to bring you an educational process that is healing, nuanced, spiritually sensitive, and trauma-informed.

Feminism School Offers:

  • A gender studies education from across a vast array of research including: Black studies, ethnic studies, Indigenous studies, Chicana studies, Jewish cultural studies, Arab American studies, Asian American studies, postcolonial theory, queer theory, and religious history.

  • Trauma-informed learning practices that honor somatic knowledge and link collective transformations to inner healing.

  • A commitment to rigorous research made accessible and practical.

  • Guidance for reading the texts of feminist foremothers.

  • Spiritually-informed teaching that is rich in contemplative practices.

  • Practices to feel and process the grief of systems of violence (like patriarchy and white supremacy) and support to move that grief into creative power and collective change.

  • Frameworks for intergenerational healing as connected to collective change and justice work.

Why take courses at Feminism School?

Most people have never had the opportunity to study at length in women's intellectual history. 

We live inside patriarchy, so women's voices and contributions are silenced or stolen in history by men. 

You might have never been taught thaMileva Maric Einstein worked out her husband's math problems—before he left her with full time childcare after having an affair. (He then shamed her when she asked for credit for her contributions to their shared discoveries!) 

History is filled with women facing erasure, gaslighting, and minimization in the face of their contributions

Feminist scholars research the silencing of women's voices and the intersecting modes of power (such as colonialism, class realities, slavery, and racial hierarchies) that shape who tells history.

We now have generations of feminist research and writing, created at great cost by feminist foremothers. 

But most of our education system still does not include—let alone center—their knowledge.

Feminism School teaches and celebrates the rich inheritance feminist foremothers have left us—and which has been kept hidden from most of us.

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Dr. Kimberly B. George

Dr. Kimberly B. George (Ph.D. Ethnic Studies UCSD, M.A. Religious Studies Yale University) is a trauma-informed feminist scholar, educator, and consultant. She partners with individuals and organizations to facilitate workshops and programs with deep dives into feminist research on transformation. Interdisciplinary and rigorous in how she approaches her teaching, with a commitment to contemplative, holistic study, she has trained across five graduate programs, stretching from the Ivies (Yale University) to the more culturally radical UC system. Her areas of study focus on ethnic studies and feminist critical race theory; religious history; feminist intellectual and activist history; trauma studies and psychodynamic research; and pedagogy and contemplative studies. She's been building accessible, graduate level courses outside the university since 2006. She identifies as a mystic and contemplative, as well as a scholar. She is published in numerous outlets, including OnBeing, The Washington Spectator, and the Feminist Wire. She is the co-editor of the book Football, Culture, and Power (Routledge).

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