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Opening the Enclosures of the University

contemplative study + feminist leadership training

Feminism School exists to change the narratives on gender—and to support the leaders changing the culture.

Do you believe that healing patriarchy could unleash the creativity and collective resources for building a flourishing world for everyone?

Patriarchy is a system that holds hostage our collective imagination. It locks us inside hierarchies. It shapes norms that press our vibrancy into binaries. Its oppression targets the creativity of every child.

Patriarchy enacts conquest, as Indigenous feminists teach. Its beliefs seed transphobia, homophobia, and misogyny. It is the engine of white (Christian) supremacy within western colonial history—as well as religious fundamentalisms and imperialisms worldwide. It is the glue of class and caste hierarchy.

Patriarchy is the ideology of dominance that, as applied to the earth and other-than-human kin, fuels the climate crisis, war, and military occupations.

Our great calling and awakening is to imagine a world healed of patriarchy—and then to use our creativity to birth it.

How do we transform injustices?

  • We know that our joy, our wonder, and our creative purpose are essential to reimagining the world and core to a trauma-informed approach to change.

  • We know, in the words of the great feminist theorist bell hooks, that feminism is for everyone and men are called to participate and heal, too.

  • We know that ripples grow to waves and that personal, spiritual, and collective transformation are interconnected.

Our Mission:

Creativity, Contemplation, & Feminist Study

Drawing on 20 years of Dr George's interdisciplinary research, Feminism School offer courses, seminars, and mentorships to empower feminist, anti-racist, and decolonial leadership.

The pedagogies are holistic and trauma-informed. Rigorous social theory breathes with creative learning methods, including our signature contemplative feminist writing practices. We support a profound awakening process of finding one's voice and listening deeply to the voices of others, as we understand our interdependence in the collective process of change.

Our courses have now been taken by participants in 10 countries.

We are living in accelerated change.

Hierarchical systems are being challenged by justice, mutual aid, interconnection, and renewed care for one another and the earth.

Feminist foremothers left us knowledge and practices for building this flourishing world we know is possible. Yet, their inheritance is still being suppressed because patriarchy and white supremacy work through silencing radical knowledge.

The leaders we train bring invaluable knowledges and experiences from their communities and areas of expertise. But most have not had the opportunity to study feminist theoryThat's where Feminism School intervenes— teaching texts in Black feminisms, queer of color critique, Indigenous feminisms, religious and spiritual feminisms, and the coalitions built amongst anti-racist white feminists (many of whom are Jewish) and feminists of color.

Our mission is to support leaders in a contemplative feminist education that reconnects the mind, body, and spirit with justice-centered, trauma-informed learning. We teach beyond binaries and offer interdisciplinary rigor found in top-tier graduate programs, while also valuing expansive wonder for the not-yet-known. Ultimately, we help people connect their learning to the power of their creativity and community to reimagine the world—whether they are changing politics, art, tech, film, mental health, faith communities, or K-12 education.

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