Kimberly B. George, Ph.D.

Founder | Scholar & Writer | Decolonial Trauma Theorist

The Invitation...

We are living in a moment of accelerated possibility.

Hierarchical systems—of patriarchy, white supremacy, and empire—are being challenged by models of justice, mutual aid, interconnection, and renewed care for one another and the earth.

At Feminism School, we know that feminist foremothers left us a wellspring of knowledge and practices that are crucial for building this flourishing world we know is possible. Yet, their knowledge is still being erased by dominant education—because patriarchy and white supremacy rely on erasing radical knowledge.

Most of the leaders we train and empower have several degrees, and yet have never had the opportunity to study the revolutionary knowledge of Black feminisms, queer of color critique, Indigenous feminisms, or religious feminisms.

Too many visionaries are trying to make change without being rooted in, challenged by, and supported with the radical knowledges that are decades and centuries deep in understanding intersecting systems and collective and personal change processes. 

Our mission is to train leaders in a contemplative feminist decolonial education. We teach beyond binaries and offer interdisciplinary rigor often confined to top-tier graduate programs. And we help connect your learning to the power of your creativity and community to reimagine the world—whether you are a leader in politics, art, film, #metoo, faith communities, or K-12 education.

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The Methods of Change:

Grief + New Language + Creativity = Transformation

20 years of diligent pedagogical research have gone into our teaching methods and curriculum at Feminism School—because to do this transformative work requires great attention to how to learn and unlearn across many fields of knowledge.

In our courses and trainings, you will learn nuanced language to name systems of power, violence, and trauma, while gaining analysis and practices to unfurl creative power to re-make the world. We teach contemplative practices to process the grief of violent structures—like patriarchy and white supremacy—, while supporting you to move grief into methods of personal and collective change.

Our approach integrates academic research with: decolonial trauma-informed methods, spiritual practices, intergenerational healing work, a focus on art and imagination, and somatic integration exercises.

The Practices:

Contemplative Feminist Writing

Dr. George's academic research is in how contemplative feminist writing practices bring into conscious realms experiences and knowledge which have been held in the body without language, often for generations.

Today's social justice language, which helps us navigate justice and injustice, can at times also lock us into simplistic and binary understandings of identity. Participants at Feminism School learn approaches to understanding identity from the much more expansive, layered methods of feminist foremothers—and from across vibrant traditions, including Black feminisms, religious feminisms, and queer transnational frameworks.

We then use contemplative writing and art practices to explore our own identity as both a generational inheritance, AND a dynamic, ongoing emergence of creative possibility.

Our world needs healing.

The dismantling of empire, conquest, and racial and religious supremacies. 

The flourishing of all genders into feminist freedom. 

The un-doing of heteropatriarchy, cisgender supremacy, and transphobia. 

A deep reckoning with Indigenous rights, decolonization, and the earth. 

Spirituality grounded in joy, abundance, and justice. 

The unleashing of ancient economies of interconnection.

Feminist foremothers left for us an inheritance for catalyzing change.

They were committed to these interconnected struggles and to birthing transformations.

They knew the personal was always political—and that change happens at every scale, interlinked.

Imagine when more leaders are trained in this feminist inheritance of knowledge? 

Imagine if your own life's work was infused with their revolutionary imagination for what is possible?

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