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At Feminism School, we offer courageous and imaginative cultural leaders a graduate-level, contemplative education in the transformative texts of feminist theory. 

The language of "theory" can feel distancing. But feminist theory isn't about being elite.

It's about the fact that feminist foremothers gave us language for the systems we live within.

It's about recognizing most of our education systematically denied us their voices.

Over and over, participants in Feminist Leadership Training say: "Thank you for the language."

The language cuts through gaslighting.
The language connects you to your body.
The language honors community-based power.
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Our world needs healing.

The dismantling of empire, conquest, and racial and religious supremacies. 

The flourishing of all genders into feminist freedom. 

The un-doing of heteropatriarchy, cisgender supremacy, and transphobia. 

A deep reckoning with Indigenous rights, decolonization, and the earth. 

Spirituality grounded in joy, abundance, and justice. 

The unleashing of ancient economies of interconnection.

Feminist foremothers left for us an inheritance for catalyzing change.

They were committed to these interconnected struggles and to birthing transformations.

They knew the personal was always political—and that change happens at every scale, interlinked.

Imagine when more leaders are trained in this feminist inheritance of knowledge? 

Imagine if your own life's work was infused with their revolutionary imagination for what is possible?

The Methods of Change:

Grief + New Language + Creativity = Transformation

At Feminism School, we teach practices to analyze, feel, and process the grief of violent structures—like patriarchy and white supremacy—, while supporting you to move grief into creative power and collective change. Our approach integrates: rigorous academic research, trauma-informed teaching, spirituality, intergenerational healing, creativity, and somatic-contemplative practices.

To catalyze this revolutionary learning, our Feminist Leadership Training and 1:1 Mentorship courses translate ideas in feminist intellectual history from across vibrant traditions, including Black studies, ethnic studies, postcolonial studies, Indigenous feminism, Chicana studies, and Arab and Jewish feminism.

The Practices:

Contemplative Feminist Writing

Amidst layering diverse traditions of feminist social theory, we also attend to identity work: Dr. George's academic research is in how contemplative writing practices bring into conscious realms knowledge which has been held at subconscious and unconscious levels in our body and generational histories.

Using trauma-informed writing practices, participants in Feminist Leadership Training programs learn how to root into their own experiences and identities and move into modes of reconnection, expansion, and emergence.

New Spring Course

Intersections of Identity: Practices of Contemplative Feminism


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