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The Vision: Change, Creativity, Leadership

The world needs feminist transformation.

The flourishing of all genders into feminist freedom and true partnership.

The dismantling of heteropatriarchy and cisgender supremacy.

The healing of white supremacy and racial and religious hierarchies.

A reckoning with Indigenous rights, decolonization, and the earth.

Sacred practices without patriarchy—and grounded in joy and justice.

The unleashing of economies of interdependence.

Feminist foremothers left for us their knowledge for catalyzing change.



Our Mission:

Empowering Feminist Leadership Through Contemplative Study + Collaborative Partnerships

At Feminism School, we believe the diverse texts of feminist history are contemplative portals—to naming the unnamed, to transformation, to birthing the (r)evolutions within us that the world needs.

And yet, most leaders have not had access to the texts or study of feminist foremothers. Even many of those diligently working on behalf of change—including leading DEI work in companies, schools, and faith communities, or using their public platforms to advance gender and racial justice—have not had the opportunity for deep feminist study.

We offer cultural leaders and organizations transformative learning and mentorships to empower visionary feminist, anti-racist leadership. We also weave feminist contemplative practices with religious and inter-faith commitments, collaborating across traditions to embody justice-making spiritual activism.

Dr. Kimberly B. George, Founder of Feminism School

Scholar of Race, Gender, & Religion | Decolonial Psychosocial Trauma Theorist | Contemplative Feminist

The Invitation...

We are living in a moment of accelerated possibility.

Hierarchical systems—of patriarchy, white supremacy, antisemitism, and empire—are being challenged by models of justice, mutual aid, interconnection, and renewed care for one another and the earth.

Feminist foremothers left us a wellspring of knowledge and practices that are crucial for building this flourishing world we know is possible. Yet, their knowledge is still being suppressed because patriarchy and white supremacy work through silencing radical knowledge.

Most of the leaders we train have several degrees, and yet have not before had the opportunity to study powerful voices of feminist history—including the texts of Black feminisms, queer of color critique, Indigenous feminisms, religious and spiritual feminisms, or the coalitions built amongst anti-racist white feminists (many of whom are Jewish) and feminists of color.

Our mission is to train leaders in a contemplative feminist education that reconnects the mind, body, and spirit. We teach beyond binaries and offer interdisciplinary rigor found in top-tier graduate programs, while also valuing expansive wonder for the not-yet-known. Ultimately, we help you connect your learning to the power of your creativity and community to reimagine the world—whether you are a leader in politics, art, tech, film, #metoo, mental health, faith communities, or K-12 education.

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