Cohort-Based Learning

for Empowering Leadership + Changing the Culture

Feminist Leadership Training is a 3-tiered offering that supports leaders within organizations and companies to build transformative, feminist, anti-racist education practices that change the culture of an institution. All Feminism School courses are available in all 3 tiers. As we support longterm cultural change in local contexts, we partner closely with leaders at your organization already committed to diversity and inclusion work. 

Feminist Leadership Training Seminars

Level 1—Small Group Trainings

Seminars at Feminism School give you a rigorous and stirring encounter with the brilliant and nourishing writings of feminist foremothers—including from within Black Studies, Chicana Studies, Indigenous Studies, and LGBTQ Studies. We focus on foundational texts that are rooted in vibrant revolutionary imaginations and coalition-building liberation.

Seminars support a small group of leaders (6–9 people) from one institution or professional organization. 90-minutes in length, they typically are done in a series of 3. Alongside the seminars, participants are enrolled in a self-study course from Feminism School. Learning topics include: Intersectionality; Men Learning Feminism; Facing Racism and Antisemitism; Identity and Difference; and Creating a Feminist Economy.

For the duration of the pandemic, seminars are held over Zoom.

Feminist Leadership Training Mentorships

Level 2—Customized Coaching and Study Packages

Mentorships are high-investment collaborations that support folks who are tempted to go back to graduate school for degrees in feminist studies and critical race studies! But instead of choosing the traditional university, you opt for customized learning with Feminism School that helps you integrate your learning into your personal and vocational goals.

These one-to-one or small group trainings are 3 months in duration and include a year's access to the vault of courses in the Feminism School catalogue. You receive private sessions with Dr. Kimberly George, and have ongoing access to her decades of research. You also will experience her unique teaching methodologies that support unleashing your creative power through feminist contemplative writing (and art) practices.

Mentorships also include trauma-informed pedagogical training, and feminist "doula" work, in which we co-birth your own life passions and dreams, supported by the spirits of feminist foremothers.

Feminist Leadership Training Partnerships

Level 3—Culture Making Collaborations

Our most selective offering, Level 3, includes elements of Level 1 and Level 2 trainings, but additionally involves an ongoing collaboration to co-produce a project that puts in circulation feminist ideas through art—including films, plays, TV shows, comedy, and other forms of culture-making.

At Feminism School, we adore the vintage writings of feminist history—and we want to connect you to this inheritance given to us by feminist foremothers. But we also want to co-create with you new feminist cultural artifacts for today and tomorrow.

Level 3 brings cultural leaders together across a range of industries into a creative, innovative partnership that unleashes the power of intersectional feminist expertise and imagination into projects that change how we see the world and ourselves.

We believe representation matters—and when we make art that changes our imagination for the gender and racial justice liberation that is possible, we are contributing to change that links the past to the present and the future, the personal to the political to the economic, and the spiritual to the political.

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