Cohort-Based Learning

for Empowering Leadership + Changing the Culture

Feminist Leadership Training is for leaders at visionary organizations who value integrating the active learning of intersectional feminist studies as part of the culture of an organization's professional development. Half-day Feminist Study Seminars and full-day Contemplative Feminism Retreats are paired with our uniquely rigorous (and creative) self-study courses from our Core Curriculum.

Feminist Study Seminars

Feminist Leadership Training (1/2 day)

Our seminars support a small group of leaders (6–11 people) from one institution or professional organization. Alongside the seminars, participants are enrolled in select learning modules from Feminism School Core Curriculum courses. This method of live teachings + self-study preparation creates deep learning for the time of gathering as a community, as well as provides follow-up learning resources to support ongoing change.

Feminist Leadership Training seminars are designed to balance rigor, contemplative practice, and community process. We guide transformational encounters with the brilliant writings of feminist foremothers—including from within Black Studies, Chicana Studies, Indigenous Studies, and LGBTQ Studies. Participants leave with an experience of what happens personally and collectively when the power of feminist foremothers is invited into fueling our present efforts for cultural transformation and healing.

Contemplative Feminism Retreats

Feminist Leadership Training (full day, multi-day)

In-person retreats have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Information for future retreats (for vaccinated participants) coming July 2021.

Contact us for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Feminist Leadership Training availability.

Seminar and Retreat Topics

(Sample Topics)

  • Invisible Labor, Gender, & Race

    Most attempts at change are not sustainable because the invisible psychic, emotional, and intellectual work is outsourced to women and BIPOC. Learn a language for this problem and the practices to intervene, as well as access teaching from our popular Caliban and the Witch in a Time of Covid-19 course.

  • Facing Racism, Antisemitism, and Patriarchy

    Feminist change work tackles— simultaneously— multiple forms of oppression that do not exhibit in the same way. Learn texts from feminist history that built coalitions across different communities through understanding, in rigorous ways, how different systems of oppression are entangled but not the same.

  • Feminist Learning for Men

    Feminist learning for men is complicated! Male defense mechanisms block deep learning; fear and shame take over instead of humility, presence, and curiosity. But the good news is because feminism is a practice (not a set of dogmas) men can learn how to stay present (to themselves and others) in order to begin the healing work of dismantling patriarchy in their relationships and communities.

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