Selected articles and books by Dr. George

Dr. George writes for academic and trade publications on the intersection of culture , gender,  race, pedagogy, sports, and contemplative-creative practices. 

She has published in a wide variety of outlets—including OnBeing, Syndicate, Feministing, The Feminist Wire, New Black Man in Exile, Creative Commons, The New Haven Review,  Sojourners, and The Washington Spectator. Peer reviewed work has appeared in Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society and International Review for the Sociology of Sport, as well as two book chapters in her co-edited Football, Culture, and Power.

Football, Culture, and Power (Routledge, 2016)

co-edited with David Leonard & Kimberly B. George

"Perhaps football continues to resonate with me not as a contradiction to my feminism, but because both my love of this game and my commitment to feminist praxis are structured in a belief system that requires we believe in momentum shifts. To be a feminist is to imagine on behalf of realities that have not yet arrived, to labor on behalf of improbable victories. To be a feminist is to stare at the scoreboard—these stats of patriarchy and white supremacism and heterosexism, these violent power structures that mark the layers of analysis that Football, Culture and Power repeatedly foregrounds from different camera angles. But, the scoreboard of such violence is only one truth; the other truths live in the potentiality of the moment, and the connection human beings create to keep believing in alternative realities, otherwise worlds, and unexpected outcomes." —Kimberly B. George, from the chapter A Feminist Football Fan

The Wisdom of Shattering

When I was a young competitive gymnast, I remember the day I walked off the floor mat, sat down by myself at its edge, and began to contemplate quitting the sport. I was 12. Gymnastics had been my life — the defining orbit of my childhood ambitions...

Living A Feminist Life

Sara Ahmed’s latest work, Living a Feminist Life, dismantles the false divide between academic theory and the embodied world in which our concepts come alive. It is the kind of book we need more and more of by feminist scholars. It is an intervention not only in academic feminism...

Feminist Football Fan

My feminism and my love of football have a complicated relationship. When I was eight and watching Dave Krieg, Steve Largent, and my beloved Seattle Seahawks, I dreamed of being the first female player in the NFL. It felt unjust to me that no women were allowed in...

What Hollaback’s Viral Video, George Zimmerman’s Trial & Twilight Have in Common

By now you, like 27 million people, have probably seen the video: a woman walking around for 10 hours in New York. It’s a deeply painful video to watch—painful for several reasons. At one level, the video has provided a media space for women to have mirrored back to us how violent is the world of patriarchy we walk around...

How Public Voices Gifts Yale

In my own vocational journey, I navigate life as both an aspiring scholar and a budding social entrepreneur. I know too well that academic and entrepreneurial contexts are quite different—even sometimes at odds with one another in their unspoken norms and strategies. Which is why...

What My Mother Taught Me

Now in the third decade of my life, I am realizing all the things my mother was right about. She was right about drinking 2 glasses of water every morning. (Proper hydration upon waking will change your day.) She was right about eating more protein (and was way ahead of paleo). She was..