As seen in The New York Times—June 28, 2020

@lytevisuals artistry at NYC Black Lives Matter protests has travelled around the world. Her photos have captured a transformational moment in history.

In this co-taught online course with @lytevisuals and Dr. Kimberly George, we connect the power of the contemporary moment to the lineage of Black feminist foremothers, whose creative, intellectual, spiritual, and artistic power is the foundation of the changes rising up today all over the globe.

[photo description: a Black woman protester at a NYC march wearing a yellow, pink, green, and blue Black Trans Lives Matter wings.}

In this course, we will ask together:

What is each of our role in history?

How did Black feminist foremothers already leave us a wealth of intellectual, spiritual, and creative power to study and learn from?

And how do we honor that history by activating NOW our collective resources to be part of deep transformation that dismantles 500 years of white violence on this planet?

When is this fully online course released?

The lectures for the course will be released weekly beginning July 15th to August 19. It is set up for you to do weekly self-study with the co-taught materials. A book list will also be released soon for those who plan to read the texts being taught in this course. Pre-enroll (below) to be on the list

You will learn about revolutionary texts from U.S. Black feminist history, stretching from 1977 to today. Your instructors will connect key ideas from these texts to the social movements today.

Course Instructors

@ lytevisuals

Lytevisuals is a New York based visual artist who specializes in bringing light to life through a variety of mediums. Her mission statement is to give a voice to the unheard and shed light on the overlooked. Over the past 6 years, Lytevisuals has concentrated her energies into photo-journalism and photo-collage, with particular attention to humans and their interaction with the physical world.

Dr. Kimberly B. George

Dr. Kimberly B. George (Ph.D. Ethnic Studies UCSD, M.A. Religious Studies Yale University) is a trauma-informed feminist scholar, educator, and consultant. She partners with individuals and organizations to facilitate workshops and programs with deep dives into feminist research on transformation. Interdisciplinary and rigorous in how she approaches her teaching, with a commitment to contemplative, holistic study, she has trained across five graduate programs, stretching from the Ivies (Yale University) to the more culturally radical UC system. Her areas of study focus on ethnic studies and feminist critical race theory; religious history; feminist intellectual and activist history; trauma studies and psychodynamic research; and pedagogy and contemplative studies. She's been building accessible, graduate level courses outside the university since 2006. She identifies as a mystic and contemplative, as well as a scholar. She is published in numerous outlets, including OnBeing, The Washington Spectator, and the Feminist Wire. She is the co-editor of the book Football, Culture, and Power (Routledge).

Tuition Options

All tuition after taxes goes to support the photography labor of @lytevisuals at NYC Black Lives Matter protests. $397 is the full course tuition for non-Black folks—it's $1 for Black folks—, but tuition also varies across income, so please read all options to know what is the course price for you! (If you don't have a bank account/checking account, please do contact us for manual enrollment and scholarships.)

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