1:1 Mentorship Program

Who is this mentorship program for? 
This mentorship was designed for anyone who is currently going through the curriculum at Feminism School and who elects additional 1:1 monthly support. Priority is given to those doing The Emotional Self-Defense Course curriculum. 

We focus on the process of birthing your voice and offerings into the world. We draw on the wisdom of feminist foremothers, as well as Dr. George's longtime research on transformation, trauma, and creativity.

When do we meet? 
Monthly consulting is the 3rd week of September, October, November of 2020 and January, February, March of 2021.  (We take December off.)

How long are the sessions? 
Sessions are between 75-minutes and 100-minutes. I have found that it is not possible to pin down in advance when a session is "done"; so I allow for up to 100-minutes, though you might find you do not need that whole time. (We learn to attune ourselves to when the learning and exploration of the session feels done.)

Can I contact you between monthly sessions? 
Yes! Here is how it works: First, I ask you to contact me over email 48-hours before our monthly live Zoom session so that I can begin to process what you are holding in your change process, so I am attuned and prepared. I also invite you to contact me over email 3 days (or sooner) after our session with updates in your learning. I reply through a personalized audio recording. (I usually need 2-3 days to contemplate the layers of the email and process my feedback before I send it to you in the recording.) I am generally not available the rest of the month, but during that 8-day window we do our work. I have found this intensive method to be highly effective for supporting longterm transformation.

What is the tuition for the 1:1 Mentorship Program?

The program is $6300, plus the costs of the ESD Course curriculum ($1597) if not already enrolled.

How do I register? 

After you've confirmed with me my availability, please register through paying the tuition below. (Payment plans are also available upon request.)

Tuition for 1:1 Mentorship Program

Please register only after contacting me and confirming availability, as space is limited for this 1:1 program. Thanks! (Payment plans available upon request.)